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I've done several sessions June 26, 2023
"I've done several sessions with Shira and she is extremely talented. Her passion to serve really shows up and I cannot say enough amazing things about her. I love that she is no-nonsense and real talks, and is fully present to the extent she can really tap into my inner voice and hear things in different ways than I hear myself. I am always extremely excited before every session with her because working with her is so transformational."
she is an extraordinary person June 26, 2023
"Shira Etzion is not only an extraordinary therapist, she is an extraordinary person: deeply intuitive, caring, and insightful. She has allowed me to see blind spots in my life, gave me the courage to lean into my fears and resistance around my sexuality and my business with grace and courage. I would recommend Shira to anyone wanting to have breakthroughs in any area of life"
My work with Shira June 26, 2023
"My work with Shira has been nothing short of transformative. Thirty-five years of depression, trauma and hopelessness were gently undone, processed and assimilated with her meaningful guidance and unwavering support in the most productive and profound of ways. She has this innate ability to cut through to the core of an issue and help you move through it from a very honest place. I no longer live my life passively but with purpose and meaning. She has literally given me a new lease on life. Working with Shira is the best decision I have ever made for myself and my life."