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I highly recommend June 26, 2023
"I highly recommend Shira Etzion as a therapist. I have known Shira for over a decade and I am grateful to have had her guidance, intuitive insights and loving support throughout the years. She is skilled at working with people to get to the root of issues and to see things in a different way which creates space for deep personal growth."
Shira is the best!! June 26, 2023
"Shira is the best!! My then boyfriend and I came to Shira for couples therapy. We were not in a good place in our relationship - issues with communication, jealousy, and accountability. Things were getting worse and therapy was really our last resort to try and fix our relationship. We visited Shira for a couple months and at first, it took a while for both of us to open up but as we spent more time with her, we discovered what our real issues were both as a couple and as individuals. Shira would listen to us, provide insights, and really push us to examine ourselves. She gave us activities to do outside of therapy and as time went on, my boyfriend and I got closer and our communication improved 100%. Now about 2 years later, I can say with full confidence that Shira saved our relationship!! We've taken what Shira taught us and continue to work on our relationship. My boyfriend proposed shortly after we finished our therapy sessions and we are now happily married. Thank you so much again! If your looking for help in your relationship, look no further than Shira!"
I have been able to move ahead June 26, 2023
"I live my life in the universe of transformational leadership and my colleagues are some of the top personal growth facilitators in the world. Yet my go-to practitioner is and has been for almost a decade, Shira Etzion. Shira's profound wisdom and unique insights have shifted my mindset. As a result I have been able to move ahead with more confidence which resulted in some pretty phenomenal success"
June 26, 2023
"I had the pleasure of working with Shira over a year ago, and the work we did together still impacts my life today. I grew up in the Midwest where we did NOT talk about our issues, we politely swept them under the rug and pretended they weren't there. Shira helped me get real about areas of my life that I'd been too afraid too look at and the uncomfortable conversations I'd been avoiding. She gave me the encouragement I needed to have those conversations which, at the time, felt impossible for me. These experiences showed me the power of lovingly speaking my truth no matter what the results. As a result, I've slowly become more and more confident in having open and honest conversations, no matter how uncomfortable. My relationships are better and I feel happier and more free. If you have the chance to work with Shira, I highly recommend it!"
we decided to see Shira June 26, 2023
"I first sought couples counseling when I was engaged to my now husband. While planning our wedding, it became clear that my husband and I had different perspectives on some very important issues and we had difficulty finding a common ground. Our stress levels had reached their peak and as this was new, uncharted territory for us, we were both unsure about how to move forward. That's when we decided to see Shira and we are both so glad we did. Shira helped us understand ourselves and each other in a whole new way. She helped us focus on the real issues, helped us both communicate more clearly and made sure we both felt heard. Shira has an innate and rare ability to hone in on what's important. She is so insightful and her guidance helped us navigate a difficult time, a journey which ultimately strengthened our relationship. We have been married for about a year now and we still use the skills that Shira taught us to work through the infrequent conflicts that arise. I would, without reservation, recommend Shira to any couple seeking counseling."
she was fantastic! June 26, 2023
"Going to couples therapy for the first time, we didn't know what to expect or if we would feel comfortable, we went to see Shira and she was fantastic! We were very comfortable speaking to her, especially my boyfriend who is sort of awkward lol. We saw her for about 6 months or so, she has helped my boyfriend and I grow stronger. A huge issue for us was lack of communication, coming here really helped. Shira would give us some activities to do outside of therapy so that we're not waiting for therapy every week to tell each other how we're feeling. Seems so silly that communication was an issue but, my boyfriend and I just really lacked that. Shira helped so much. She provided her insights and looking at ways she did was great. Made me realize I was looking at some situations maybe one sided. If I ever feel the need to see a therapist again, I would go back to Shira. It was very difficult to say goodbye to our weekly sessions!"