Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy in New York, NY & The Greater State of New York

Are you interested in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and reside somewhere in New York, NY or The Greater State of New York? If you’ve been tirelessly searching for a ketamine therapist near you, Shira Etzion is here to help!

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What Is KAP Therapy?

KAP therapy is a combination of psychotherapy and psychedelics to address and treat symptoms of depression and anxiety. Additionally, KAP therapy helps to eliminate bad habits, negative thinking patterns, traumas, and more.

KAP therapy provides rapid relief from symptoms and can continue to address and promote healing in the long term. This can help the patient gain better emotional growth, self-knowledge, and more!

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KAP Therapy can be administered via

Intravenous Line (IV) | Intramuscular or Subcutaneous Injections (IM/SQ) | Sublingual (Oral solution)

Sessions typically last approximately two hours and almost anyone can benefit from having a positive experience from KAP therapy. Research shows that there are many benefits of ketamine for trauma, OCD, depression, addiction, and many other mental health issues. Ketamine offers rapid treatment and results.

Shira strongly believes in supporting her clients by helping them get a hold of their own ability to heal and grow. If you feel stuck in your depression or anxiety, KAP could be the answer you’ve always been searching for!

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Is Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy Right for You?

Would you like to take some time out of your mind and add in a fresh perspective on your mental and psychological condition?
Are you open to having a spiritual experience to help reduce your symptoms and see positive transformation?
Have you had previous psychiatric treatments or other unsuccessful therapies to try and control or reduce your symptoms?
If you’ve answered yes to these questions, KAP therapy may be the right solution for you!

However, if you are pregnant, have a psychotic disorder, or have uncontrolled high blood pressure, liver or heart disease, KAP therapy may not be suitable for you. People who have been in therapy for years, only to find no success, often have a good response rate to KAP therapy.

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best tools available

Shira brings the best tools available to help you enhance your chances of overcoming negative thinking patterns and behaviors in your life. If you are interested, or would like to receive more information about ketamine assisted psychotherapy, give Shira a call today!

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