Individual Therapy Sessions in New York, NY & The Greater State of New York

Are you looking for licensed therapy or individual therapy in New York, NY or The Greater State of New York? Shira Etzion LMFT can help! Shira understands that life can be extremely overwhelming at times. Many times, it can even prevent you from moving forward. Other times, the methods you once used to help you cope with stress may suddenly stop working.

Individual therapy here at Shira Etzion LMFT can help you achieve your goals so you can live your best life!

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Anxiety Treatment

If you’re struggling with anxiety, all you do is worry and feel overwhelmed to the point it has begun to consume your life, individual therapy may be the solution. Fortunately, anxiety can be treated. Anxiety often comes from negative thoughts, which result in feeling anxious. It can create real problems and keep you from experiencing life. If you’re ready to start your journey to manage your anxiety, give Shira a call today!

Individual Therapy for Depression

Individual therapy for depression involves working with Shira. The right therapist will connect and listen to you to help you feel better. Cognitive Behavior Therapy is just one of the many approaches Shira uses to treat depression. It is a treatment geared to alter your feelings, mood, thoughts, and behavior to prove your quality of life. Depression can occur at any age, but there’s no reason why you should struggle with it.

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Stress Management

If you become easily agitated or are a lot moodier than ever, you may be dealing with severe stress. While some stress levels are inevitable, too much can impact your daily life. If you are unable to effectively deal with your stress, Shira would like to offer some strategies to help you cope, which will result in a better quality of life!

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Grief Counseling

Shira also offers individual therapy for grief counseling. Maybe you’re experiencing prolonged grief over a loved one, or dealing with the loss of a family unit following divorce. While grief is a natural reaction following loss or death, it is often painful and can impact daily life. The good news is that grief counseling can help you sort through those feelings and cope with the loss, whether it be social, emotional, or physical. Shira utilizes a wide range of therapeutic approaches to enable you to cope.

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Individual therapy is also offered for:

Anger management | Women’s issues | Codependency | Addiction | Adult ADD & ADHD

If you’re ready to get started with individual therapy in New York, give Shira a call today!

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