Couples & Family Therapy Sessions in New York, NY & The Greater State of New York

If you’re searching for couples therapy or family therapy in New York, NY & The Greater State of New York, you’ve come to the right place! Maybe you feel like you and your partner are both finding it difficult to communicate with one another. Or perhaps you are having significant issues in your family that are beginning to impact your life negatively.

The good news is that Shira is highly trained in even the most effective forms of couples and family therapy/counseling. She has helped many couples and families that are dealing with a variety of problems.

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Couple Therapy

If you’re looking for couple therapy in New York, NY, contact Shira today. Relationship problems can turn into complicated matters, especially when there’s a lack of communication and trust. This is a breeding ground for resentment to build. Fortunately, Shira can help you get your relationship back on track. She has helped hundreds of couples and families re-establish their damaged relationships via counseling.

Shira can also help good relationships become much better than they ever have been. Shira is specially trained and utilizes various tools to help you and your significant other get back on the right track to improve the value of your relationship.

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Family Therapy

No matter where you are in New York, if you are having problems in your family, you can take advantage of family therapy with Shira. So many things, including infidelity, grief, divorce, and addiction, can affect an entire family. Shira can help your family overcome these issues and move forward in a healthy, new way.

It’s essential to understand when it’s time for your family to see a therapist. Therapy is beneficial because it can help families understand how their relationships work as a whole. It also helps them determine how the dynamics in their family impact their response to various life events and even simple tasks.

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Goals of Family Therapy

Family therapy is beneficial to all family members and can be impactful on various levels. Family therapy can assist by:

Reducing conflict | Developing and sustaining healthy boundaries | Encouraging problem-solving | Forming understanding and empathy

Some of the most common reasons that families seek therapy include:

Domestic violence | Parental conflict | Unexpected trauma or loss | Divorce | Children dealing with eating disorders, substance abuse, or issues at school

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