Life Coaching in New York, NY & The Greater State of New York

Are you looking for a life coach in New York, NY or The Greater State of New York? If so, Shira offers coaching that will enable you to live a happy, good-quality life. Life coaching is the perfect opportunity to get input, direction, and the support you need on important steps toward creating your best life. Shira can help you find the power within yourself to reach your highest potential.

Shira will help you investigate the areas in your life in which you are dissatisfied, in addition to the changes you would like to see occur. Maybe you are unhappy with intimate relationships or family relationships. Or perhaps you wish you could have a better support system overall, or need a career change. Whatever it is that you need help with, Shira’s goal is to help you sort through any negative thinking, anxiety, any false beliefs you have.

Each session will begin by understanding your current situation and gaining a good perspective on your vision. Shira will then ask you questions to challenge you and encourage you. Once you have established your goals, Shira will help you commit to taking the necessary steps. Your progress will be reviewed over the course of your sessions.

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Are You a Good Candidate for Life Coaching?

Here are some signs to help you determine whether you may be the perfect candidate for life coaching sessions with Shira in New York:

• You feel like your life is out of balance.
• You have negative beliefs or fears that are holding you back.
• You are unsure which direction to take.
• You feel that if you had some support, you could see growth in your life.
• You envision what you’d like your life to look like.
• You are seeking more clarity in certain areas of your life.
• You would like to change some bad habits or negative patterns of thinking or behavior.

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take the next step

If you are feeling or experiencing any of the above signs, Shira encourages you to reach out and take the next step to get the help you need! Having an objective party to provide you with a different view can make a big difference.

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Life Coaching vs. Traditional Therapy

Life coaching focuses more on setting and achieving your goals. Therapy, on the other hand, focuses more on healing, both emotionally and mentally. Fortunately, Shira is certified and licensed to provide both to those in need!

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